Fall Garden Cleanup Checklist for McAdam Nursery and Garden Center

  1. Leaf Removal:
    • With the variety of deciduous trees, anticipate a substantial amount of leaf fall. Rake and compost leaves, and make sure to discard leaves from diseased plants.
  2. Perennials:
    • Post the first frost, trim down dead foliage to reduce the chance of pests.
    • Segment and relocate perennials that might seem too expansive or less robust.
    • Mark the locations of perennials to streamline springtime planting.
  3. Annuals:
    • After they’ve succumbed to the frost, uproot and compost healthy annuals.
  4. Lawn Care:
    • Persist with mowing until the grass indicates signs of dormancy.
    • Employ a fall-specific fertilizer to fortify the grassroots.
    • If the lawn seems compacted, consider aeration.
  5. Trees & Shrubs:
    • Trim away lifeless or frail branches, but reserve extensive pruning for the latter part of winter.
    • Ensure young or newly planted trees and shrubs receive enough water until the ground solidifies.
  6. Bulbs:
    • The fall season is prime for sowing spring-blooming bulbs.
    • Post the first frost, unearth and store bulbs that aren’t winter-hardy.
  7. Vegetable Garden:
    • Harvest the lingering crops prior to substantial frosts.
    • Clear out plant residue to ward off pests and potential diseases.
    • Planting garlic at this time can promise a fruitful summer harvest.
  8. Garden Tools & Equipment:
    • Thoroughly clean, sharpen, and safely store your gardening tools.
    • Prepare power equipment for the winter by conducting end-season maintenance.
  9. Compost:
    • Rotate and layer the compost pile, integrating the season’s fallen leaves.
  10. Mulching:
    • As late fall approaches, shield perennial beds with an insulating mulch layer, such as straw or shredded leaves, to guard plant roots from fluctuating freeze-thaw cycles.
  11. Garden Structures:
    • Audit and refurbish structures like raised beds, trellises, and fences to ensure they’re winter-ready.
  12. Water Features:
    • Deactivate and securely store water pumps, and winter-proof any water installations to avert freeze-induced damages.
  13. Protection:
    • Wrap younger or sensitive plants and shrubs with protective materials like burlap to ensure they weather the winter conditions.
  14. Planning for Next Year:
    • Ponder over the year’s garden results, taking note of successes and areas for improvement. Initiate preparations and possibly place orders for the upcoming spring.

As local conditions can sometimes vary, it would be wise to liaise with experts from McAdam Nursery and Garden Center for specialized recommendations based on that year’s unique conditions and challenges.

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